Business rates are one of the largest expenses! But it does not have to be

Did you know that the largest rates for a single premises paid by the business to the government is £6,5430,000 per annum?

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How does business rates appeal process work? 

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We will analyse your current business rates and confirm whether you are eligible for any reliefs or reduction of rateable value. 

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Once VOA verifies our factual evidence, we will submit a detailed assessment and valuation evidence to challenge the rateable value.

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If the case proceeds to appeal we will present your case to the independent panel and cross-examine the VOA evidence.

Frequently questions asked by a business owners

How long does it take to appeal?

In the unlikely scenario business rates, appeals can take up to 18 months and depends on the complexity of the individual case. In most of the cases, VOA provides the decision within 4-12 months of initial check and challenge submission.

How likely appeal will be successful?

It really depends on the location of the premises and the current business rates, we will analyse location of your premises and provide you with a free valuation and advice on the likelihood of business rates reduction. If we feel that there is a merit for reduction we will prepare evidence and submit it to VOA for consideration. 

What are your fees for handling business appeal?

We do not charge anything upfront and our fees are on the basis of ‘no win, no fee’.  We can provide you with a tailored quote based on the savings we achieve in the event of a successful appeal.

Are there any fees payable for appeals?

There is no cost when submitting check and challenge of the rates with VOA. However, if the case progress to appeal stage Valuation Tribunal will charge £150 per case for smaller business otherwise it will be £300 per case.

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